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~ October Request Raffle and Giveaway! ~

Burn It Up: The perfect song to sing while you're cooking food like a badass.
Warrior: The song to play when you make your slow motion grand entrance to anyplace, anywhere.
Unbreakable: The song you should play while you're doing your homework.
Secret Love: The song you play in your head when the couple in your drama falls in love.
Fight for Freedom: The song that should be the opening of your own personal movie.
Power: The song you'll shout out when your house recovers from a blackout.
What the Hell: The song you'll play when you've decided to track down and kill someone.
It's All Lies: The song that makes you sing with that mesmerizing serpentine part in the chorus.
Goodbye: The song that will remind you that TS should just make damn matoki merch already.
No Mercy: The song you'll blast down the street to give a big FUCK YOU to all the haters and also maybe innocent bystanders.
Voicemail: The song, if set as your ringtone, will already have a phone sound effect so basically phonception.
Dancing in the Rain: The song you want your OTP to dance to.
What my Heart tells me to do: The song to just chill out to when you know you should be doing something better like studying.
Crash: The perfect song to get sugar high to.
Yes Sir: The song that makes you wish you could fly, but you'll opt for jumping on the couches and beds instead.
Stop It: The best song to play after you trolled someone.
Happy Birthday: The song you'll play on the day you're getting fat with cake.